Welcome to the Department of Children and Family Community Partner website. The purpose of this website is to assit with the application process, providing eligibility and case information about our clients to Community Partners. As a partner you will be allowed to do the following :
  • View Current Benefits
  • View Date Benefits will be available
  • See when next review is due
  • See when an appointment is scheduled
  • View Benefit History
  • View a list of verification needed
  • View Contact Information
  • View Personal Identification Number (PIN)
User Agreement
A. Indemnification.
1. To be liable for and indemnify, defend, and hold harmless Department and its officers, agents, and employees from all claims, suits, judgments, awards of money damages, attorneys fees, and court costs, arising out of any act, neglect, or omission by Community Partner, its agents, employees, and if applicable, subcontractors during the performance of this agreement, including subsequent amendments thereof.
2. Community Partner's inability to evaluate its liability or its evaluation of liability shall not excuse Community Partner's duty to comply with subparagraph A.1. above, within 7 days after notice by Department to Community Partner by certified mail. After the highest appeal taken is exhausted, only an adjudication or judgment specifically finding Community Partner not liable shall excuse Community Partner's compliance with subparagraph A.1. Community Partner shall pay all costs and fees, including attorneys fees related to obligations and their enforcement against Community Partner by Department. Department's failure to notify Community Partner of a claim, suit, or judgment, award of money damages, attorney's fees, or court costs shall not release Community Partner from the requirements of subparagraphs A.1. or A.2. Community Partner shall not be liable for the sole act, negligence, or omission of Department.

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By accessing this government computer system you are consenting to system monitoring for purposes such as law enforcement. You should only check the status of your own benefits, or benefits of those you have been authorized to do so with our Department. Unauthorized use of this computer system may subject you to criminal prosecution and penalties.